We work with clients and architects hand in hand to offer value engineering analysis and recommendations before and during the project, continually reviewing scheduling approaches to save our clients valuable dollars at every corner. AV Design and Integration places an emphasis on proactive involvement during the pre-construction phase. We work to address our client’s needs from the earliest stages of development allowing for the greatest potential of influence on a project’s final outcome.


AV Design and Integration does not just build projects, we build partnerships. Throughout a project we are personally invested in the success of the entire team. Whether a homeowners, developer, construction manager, or design professional, we understand that each client has specific needs and strive to identify those needs while exceeding expectations.

AVDICare Monitoring

We recognize how important it is that your system is always operating at peak performance. After years of development, we’ve created our exclusive AVDICare Monitoring program, which is a suite of solutions created to deliver a better experience for you. Made up of software, hardware, and internal tools, it allows AV Design and Integration to deliver service and support like no other Systems Integrator.

Automation systems are dependent on a strong and reliable network connection. If the signal coming into your home is not up to par, your system will not work properly.  Monitoring internet speed and uptime allows our service department to identify connection issues.  By monitoring your system’s core network devices our team can spot and correct potential errors before they become an issue.